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Destroys Bacteria, Mold, Fungi And Viruses In The Air And On All Surfaces!

Delivers A New Standard Of Expected Protection And Peace-Of-Mind In A Post-COVID World

Destroys 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air and on surfaces in as little as 3 minutes according to top U.S. Military and CDC certified biosafety level 3 and 4 testing facilities.

The ATA has teamed up with ActivePure Technologies to deliver unprecedented 24/7 protection to all ATA schools. We've managed to get limited stock at preferred pricing for our schools and their members.

DUE TO COVID-19 Shortages, Please limit to 2-Units Per School or Member Family. Thank You!

*CURRENT AVAILABILITY STATUS:  Now shipping within 24-hours of ordering.

Get the Protection and Peace-Of-Mind You Deserve
  • Proven: ActivePure Technology® Eliminates 99.9% of Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Virus Within 3 Minutes in FDA-Compliant Military Lab Tests
  • Safe: Works 24/7 to protect,students, staff, family, and pets where we live and work. Sanitizes the air and all the surfaces the air touches - whole home and office cleaning unit.
  • Protects: Deactivates and destroys viruses (DNA/RNA),including COVID-19, bacteria, MRSA, fungus, molds and also eliminates odors, cooking odors and cigarette smoke with little to no maintenance required.

Look For ATA Clean School Door And Window Clings

For Schools Protected With ActivePure Technology®

NASA Technology Gem
This NASA originated technology has been inducted into the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame for its service to people.
(See CNBC Interview On Tech)
Protects Loved Ones
Protects you and your family from harmful pathogens including COVID-19 in both the air and on surfaces 24/7.
(Press Release Dec. 14, 2020)

Stop Attacks!
Stops viruses. 99.99% reduction of MS2 bacteriophage RNA Virus and Phi-X147 bacteriophage DNA Virus 
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